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Maintenance and Repair

As the core of our business, My Helping Hands is happy to perform maintenance and repair in both residential and commercial buildings. Big or small, we’ll get the job done. My Helping Hands has an impressive track record of working hard and proactively to fix existing issues and preventing future problems from developing.
Roof Tile and Shingle Repair or Replacement
Have your shingles taken extensive damage from harsh weather and are in need of update or replacement? The team of roofers at My Helping Hands has seen first hand the significant damage Wisconsin weather can do to buildings. They will recommend the best tiles and shingles to make sure your building stays safe and secure for years to come.
Tile, Linoleum, Hardwood and Carpet Repair or Replacement
Is your flooring outdated, or has already seen the better part of its life and is in need of replacement? Our flooring professionals will help you choose flooring that fits your home or business perfectly, and make the installation process quick and easy.
Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing
Are your toilets, baths, or faucets leaking and causing water damage? Our plumbers have years of apprenticeship and experience. This means they know the best tools, parts, and practices for repairing damaged plumbing and stopping recurring issues.
Electrical Wiring
As wiring ages it can become faulty, hazardous, and out of date with current coding regulations. Our electricians have extensive knowledge on code and building regulations, letting you rest easy knowing your building will be properly taken care of.
Interior and Exterior Paint
If you have paint that is old, worn, or peeling we can help. Our expert painters will work with you to select the colors and style of paint that matches your vision. We offer complete interior and exterior painting solutions.
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